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We are a 2 man agency and only manage 5 large clients at a time. Combined we have booked over 4000 calls from cold email.

we work with companies who:

  • Want 30 – 200 booked calls/meetings per month
  • Will never tell us ‘we can’t handle more calls with qualified prospects’
  • Work with a large and diverse audience (e.g. any B2B company)
  • Sell high ticket B2B 
  • Want to work on a performance payment model (You only pay us if we book you meetings)

Sam has been managing cold email tech for the last 3 years. He’s Top Rated Plus on Upwork doing just that. He runs a successful B2B SaaS on the side, and spends as much time surfing in Brazil as possible.

Eoin Hendry

Eoin has booked 2000+ calls in the past 2 years, He’s managed 30+ clients concurrently while partnered at a cold email agency as their Head of Fulfilment. He learned cold email through running live campaigns, then testing, optimising, and realising what works in practice. He specialises in cold email copywriting and strategy

If you have questions like

The Cold Email Works will provide the answers and most importantly the results as we work with you as your own outreach specialists

  • What’s my ideal customer profile & perfect customer?
  • What email address should I use?
  • How can we get emails to land in the inbox every time?
  • How can I reach the decision makers?
  • What’s the best subject lines to use?
  • How should I personalise my emails?
  • What’s the best days to send out my campaign? 
  • Did you know that Monday is the worst day to send.. you do now 😉 
  • How many cold emails should I send per day?
  • How can I send large volume campaigns of 100k emails per month?
  • How do I test, measure & optimise the campaigns?
  • How can I combine cold email with LinkedIn for optimal results?
  • What are the best lead magnets and sequence strategies to use?
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The process

  • We create an action plan and assess goals
  • We build a cold email system from scratch
  • We create quality criteria – you pay for calls based on select criteria e.g. location, company employee count, industry so you’re not left paying for bad leads
  • We run the campaigns
  • Build up a highly targeted list
  • We optimise the campaigns
  • We ensure deliverability is up to scratch with constant daily monitoring
  • We send you a weekly report
  • We communicate to ensure the calls you are getting are with the people you want to be speaking to

So, if you want to generate more sales, in a predictable and scalable way. You’re going to have to try this Cold Email Outreach Process.

We can’t wait to get started with your business!

Eoin & Sam.  

Here are just a few of our success stories


Result 31 New Influencers

Discover how this personalised outreach strategy effectively engaged YouTubers and Influencers, blending detailed research with unique engagement techniques, leading to significant platform growth in just 5 weeks.


Result 10 Appointments Booked in First 3 weeks

A technical outreach solution for a technical SaaS Product.  Find out how we built the outreach process for and generated leads for their pipeline immediately after launch. 

Here's what people are saying

Sam is a highly trained professional in the field of Cold email setup's and helping the client in the exact way they need to. Our work with The Cold Email Works involved them running a cold email campaign for us (setting it up and running it) and identifying the pain points in the project, bringing leads and following it up by the campaign. We loved working with The Cold Email Works and would love working with them in the future whenever we have a need and would absolutely recommend any body who's looking for a company with good prior experience with cold outreach.

Sai Tech Plus Solutions

Sam is an outstanding cold emailer. He has an exceptional ability to create intriguing and engaging messages that capture the attention of the receiver. His emails are always well composed, organized, and full of impactful ideas. He is able to quickly identify the needs of prospects and tailor messages accordingly. The Cold Email Works' track record of successful cold emails speaks for itself: they consistently achieve successful outcomes from each and every one. We experienced a seamless setting up of the cold emailing tools, creating the sequences and finding the perfect leads. I highly recommend Sam & The Cold Email Works, and will definitely work again when the opportunity presents.

Martin Nisu CEO of North Coast Code & Blurbay

The Cold Email Works have excellent knowledge of cold email marketing & sales flows. They provided a detailed multi channel strategy that I could implement. They recommended software integrations & highlighted potential issues to look out for. Would highly recommend!

Alex Johnson

The Cold Email Works are outstanding to work with. They basically built are entire sales engine for which is a very technical solution for the IT industry.

Landon Roddenberry CEO - Scanerr

It's all included..

1-on-1 Premium Support

Email Warmup for multiple accounts

Advanced Campaign Management & A/B Testing

Access to Analytics

Scraping Verified Contacts & Enrichment

Deliverability Optimisation

Frequently Asked Questions

We are managing systems that are sending from up to 1000 inboxes and sending over 500,000 emails a month.


Normally this is scaled from a smaller system.

Our approach is based on booking 4000+ calls from cold email. High volume campaigns, a truly desirable offer with top 0.001% copywriting

We only work with 5 clients, we choose those clients very carefully and will provide clear justification for why your offer will work.


We only make money if you make money.

Email warm up takes 3 weeks. In which time copywriting and lead scraping takes place.

The only thing you’re required to do is join the Zoom/Google Meets call.

Ready To Book 30-100 Calls Per Month?