A Personalised Outreach Strategy for Influencer Engagement


Discover how this personalised outreach strategy effectively engaged YouTubers and Influencers, blending detailed research with unique engagement techniques, leading to significant platform growth in just 5 weeks.



Blurbay, at its core, is a dedicated platform where influencers can seamlessly monetize their digital art or insightful tutorials. Recognizing the growing influence of YouTubers, especially within the comedy niche, we embarked on a tailored approach to attract these digital stars. Backed by an existing case study which validated our approach, our strategy blended comprehensive research with a touch of personalization.



Every influencer thrives on personalisation. To cater to this, we employed a scraping tool to source leads, focusing on comedy-centric YouTubers. This not only provided us with follower statistics but also invaluable insights to enhance our email outreach.


Strategy and Execution:

ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) Research & Strategy Formation:

We developed a focused ICP, narrowing down our outreach to YouTubers who aligned with Blurbay’s vision and offerings.
Personalized Engagement:

For a touch of familiarity, screengrabs from individual YouTube videos were embedded into the Blurbay site, presenting an enticing “what-if” scenario wherein these influencers already had marketable content on the platform.

Dynamic Landing Pages

Clicking on their personalized visual led influencers to a tailored landing page via Lemlist. This not only showcased their screengrab but also highlighted Blurbay’s unique selling propositions and a streamlined calendar for hassle-free engagements.
Email Sequences & Value Proposition:

Our outreach emails weren’t generic; they were rich with data and details, making each influencer feel seen, acknowledged, and valued.
Campaign Refinement:

Adopting a dynamic approach, we integrated A/B testing, ensuring our outreach methods were constantly evolving and improving.


Within a  span of 5 weeks, our strategy produced 31 interested Influencers, ushering in new influencers keen on leveraging Blurbay’s offerings.



Our strategy with Blurbay underscores the power of detailed research complemented by thoughtful personalization. It wasn’t just about outreach; it was about resonating with influencers on a level where they could visualize their success with Blurbay.

See below some select images capturing our intricate ICP research and campaign design strategies.



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